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Parker GOLD CUP® Hydrostatic Piston Pumps and Motors Recognized Worldwide as Best Choice for Severe Duty Applications

MARYSVILLE, OH – The GOLD CUP® series of hydrostatic piston pumps and motors from Parker Hannifin Corporation, the global leader in motion and control technologies, continue to be recognized worldwide for superior long-lasting performance in severe duty applications that include:

  • Mining, exploration equipment, well drilling
  • Drilling, drill rigs, oil exploration
  • Construction and construction equipment
  • Material handling
  • Logging equipment
  • Land and sea military equipment
  • Shredding/reducing equipment
  • Gas turbine starting
  • Cranes and winches
  • Water jet cutting systems
  • Energy recovery (ER) applications

GOLD CUP® pumps and motors feature a barrel bearing, fast/stable control, control versatility, and speeds up to 3,600 rpm at 5,000 psi continuous pressure, or 6,000 psi intermittent pressure. The robust/reliable construction is compact
and quiet in operation. The primary design features that contribute to their superior performance in severe duty applications are briefly outlined below. Today, some GOLD CUP® units are still in operation after 30 years on the job.

Precision Barrel Bearing Design

Most pump designs use conventional roller bearings to support the loading of a
heavy, large diameter shaft at the front and back. The GOLD CUP® series of
pumps utilize a bearing centered around the barrel. The position of the bearing
was determined relative to the summation of internal rotating group forces at one
point on the barrel. With the bearing centered at that point, the barrel bearing
takes the radial loading – eliminating the need for conventional large pump shafts
and support bearings.

In turn, this design makes it possible to use a smaller diameter main shaft that
allows the rotating pistons to be pulled tighter to the center. With a smaller
diameter piston bore circle, fluid velocity is reduced allowing these units to run at
higher speeds up to 3,600 rpm.

Versatile, Quick Change Control Options

The GOLD CUP® series of pumps offers a wide choice of control options to fit all
application requirements including:

  • Adjustable displacement stops
  • Manual screw adjustment
  • Automatic brake and neutral bypass control
  • Torque limit override
  • Hydraulic stroker
  • Electro-hydraulic stroker
  • Electro-hydraulic servo
  • Cylinder control
  • Electro-hydraulic cylinder control
  • Manual rotary servo

Importantly – no matter which control option is selected – the pump function is the same as there is no metal-to-metal mechanical linkage between the control and pump swashplate/cam. Once attached (with just four bolts), a thin film of oil provides a hydrodynamic balance between the control and cam. This eliminates the typical component wear found in unbalanced designs.

Different configuration upgrades can easily be made in the field by changing, for example, from a mechanical screw control to a standard hydraulic, or electro-hydraulic stroker. For additional application flexibility and machine design considerations, the controls can be mounted on either side of the pump.

Dampened Low Inertia Rocker Cam Permits Very Fast Stroking

All GOLD CUP® pumps feature a low inertia rocker cam. This is possible
because the hydraulically controlled stroking vane chamber area (on both sides of the cam) is designed to ensure equal pressure. The mass of the cam is also hydrostatically balanced. This helps ensure long pump life. And, it is one reason that there are GOLD CUP® pumps still running in the field after 30 years of service.

In contrast, most pump designs have the stroking piston located on either the left or right side of the cam. This results in mechanical drag when stroking the cam. With this design, the cam is centered on both sides of the stroking piston to ensure that there is no tilting, or “cocking” forces that could unseat the cam from the cradle. As a result, very fast stroking of the cam is an inherent capability of
the design.

In smaller size GOLD CUP® pumps, the cam can be stroked in 150 milliseconds from zero to full using the servo valve control. Larger pump sizes can be stroked in less than 300 milliseconds from zero to full.

Quick Change Valve Block (Increase Productivity with Reduced Downtime)

The valve block is often considered the brains of variable GOLD CUP® pumps and motors. The valve block contains multiple poppet valves to provide relief and control pressure functions including a built-in compensator. This unit is standardized to ensure complete interchangeability between all GOLD CUP® pump sizes./span>

Should there be a problem – such as system contamination causing blocked orifices and/or sticking poppets – there is no need to shut down the system for onsite troubleshooting. The quick fix is a simple and easy change-out to replace the contaminated valve block by removing eight bolts, removing the current valve block, inserting the new one and replacing the eight bolts. End users thus benefit in terms of less downtime and greater productivity.

Additional GOLD CUP® Pump Design Features

Other key design features of the Parker GOLD CUP® series of hydrostatic piston
pumps include a …

  • Zero-backlash rotary servo design
  • Field adjustable pressure compensator override
  • Fast response replenishing checks
  • Fastest compensator response in the industry (less than 100 milliseconds)

To learn more about the advantages of Parker GOLD CUP® pump technology, visit www.PHpump.com, email pumptechsupport@parker.com or call the
Hydraulic Pump Division at 937.644.3915

About Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Pump Division

The Hydraulic Pump Division of Parker Hannifin is a leading manufacturer of piston pumps, vane pumps and hydrostatic transmissions that set new industry standards for performance, precision control, responsiveness, service life, adaptability and low noise. Worldwide, Parker’s advanced open- and closed circuit pump technology helps mobile and industrial equipment users achieve greater efficiency from their hydraulic systems with the potential of reducing energy consumption. 

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