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Is Your Workplace Safe? Find out with the safety Gotcha Stick!


Omron introduces the safety Gotcha Stick Safe Distance Scale. This three-segment safe distance stick accurately tests the allowable barrier opening size based on the distance from the point of operation. It features English measurements on one side, and Metric measurements on the other.

Although not officially adopted by OSHA, the safety “Gotcha Stick” is based on data from “A Review of Machine-Guarding Recommendations,” by Donald R. Vaillancourt and Stover H. Snook of the Liberty Mutual Research Center for Health & Safety. This data redefines the dimensions of the human arm for the purposes of machine guarding. The resulting new stick has been modified to include openings of less than 1/4 inch over the first 1/2 inch distance.

Industrial Safety - Gotchas Sticks Comparison

Guarding machinery by means of hard (fixed) barriers is one of the main ways of protecting personnel from point-of-operation hazards. The safety “Gotcha Stick” is the easiest means of verifying that openings in hard guarding will not allow the point-of-operation to be accessed by the operator.

With headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, STI was founded nearly 30 years ago and employs more than 350 people. STI has been selected twice by Forbes and three times by Business Week as one of the “world’s best small companies.” STI’s safety products are used to protect workers around machinery, automated equipment and industrial robots. Their products serve a wide variety of applications and markets, including semiconductor, automotive, electronics manufacturing, packaging and consumer markets.

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Fluid Power – Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator

Fluid Power – Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator


Series SSPA-10 (Stainless Steel Pneumatic Actuator Body Design)

The stainless steel pneumatic actuator series is a great solution for you heavy duty automation needs.  With a durable stainless steel body and manufactured to NAMUR standards and the option to add a solenoid valve, this actuator will continue to preform under time and pressure.  Each pneumatic actuator comes with a complete spring pack (which contains 6 springs per pack).  The benefits of using a stainless steel actuator is a corrosion resistance surface – resistance to most corrosive materials.  There is no lubrication needed for this series of actuators with a very simple maintenance and configuration cycle.



  1. Establish the valve manufacturer’s breakaway or seating/unseating torque, then add 20% as a safety factor.
  2. Determine available air pressure to the actuator (e.g. 60 P.S.I.).
  3. Refer to the chart, find the 60 P.S.I. column and scan down until a torque value greater than the valve torque is found (e.g. 141 in. lbs.).  Valtorc double acting actuator has no torque drop through the full 90º stroke.


  1. Establish the valve manufacturer’s seating torque (closing) and breakaway torque (opening). Add a 20% safety factor.
  2. Refer to the spring torque column and select the SPRING END TORQUE that equals or exceeds the required valve torque.
  3. Determine the available air line pressure to the actuator (e.g. 80 P.S.I.). Refer to the 80 P.S.I. column and scan down to where it intersects with the spring. In this case, the end spring torque is 112 in. lbs,. which exceeds the required 96 in. lbs. required.


  • Available for valves sizes 1/4″ up to 36″
  • Available in spring return or double acting configurations
  • High quality and strength stainless steel, corrosion-proof body
  • ISO (ISO 5211) and NAMUR mounting standards
  • Preloaded spring cartridges – easily convert from double acting into a spring return actuator (please review our IOM for directions)
  • Stainless steel body is perfect for pulp and paper, marine and other corrosion prone industries
  • Replaceable bearings, top and bottom TFE pinion bearings ensure low friction and stability
  • Temperature ratings up to 400F
  • Comparable with most solenoid valves on the market (ours are tested and certified to work!)
  • One piece stainless steel alloy shaft
  • High torque applications with extreme environments

Data Sheet

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Valtorc International Manufacturing Plant

Valtorc International is a major supplier in the industrial control and valve market worldwide. We have a broad product line of standard control devices to meet demanding customer requirements. Our products in this diverse market provide another example of our customer-driven, problem solving capabilities.

Our professional staff is ready to help customers with products that work best for their unique applications and quick shipment of products. Following up at any time and guaranteed applications are inherent in our legendary customer service.

Experienced sales personnel, service engineers and trained service staff are ready to troubleshoot your application in person and facilitate repairs on site.

Valtorc International Fleet Trucks
As leaders in product design and innovation, we have implemented a Quick Ship service that, depending upon product, will guarantee shipment as quick as 24 hours. It is one more way we can save each customer time and money.

Valtorc is a USA manufacturer of ball valves, control valves, butterfly valves, v-port ball valves, v-notch ball valves and known for our untouchable valve automation process.  With over 30 years experience you can trust your valve needs will be satisfied in a professional and respectable way.  In addition to valves, Valtorc International also produces and services fittings, actuators, positioners, flow controllers, fire hydrants, and poultry products.

We have the products and service that deliver value to the industrial markets we serve,

Contact Us

Valtorc International
PO Box 1928
Kennesaw, GA 30156

Phone:  770-423-7100
Fax: 770-499-7483

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